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Pro Bono Report 2013 - PDF Only



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July/August 2014


Making A Difference: Pro Bono At Jones Day, The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel®




July/August 2013


Working Together With A Common Purpose, The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel




July/August 2013


Making A Difference: Pro Bono At Jones Day, The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel





December 2012


Lawyer Adds Perspective on Legal Aid, Court News Ohio, Ohio Supreme Court website




August 2012


Pro Bono 2012: Baby Steps, The American Lawyer - PDF Only




July/August 2012


Jones Day: Pro Bono Without Borders, The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel - PDF Only




October 2011


A Roadmap for Reform, and a Place for the Legal Community to Lead, Pro Bono Week 2011 - Kindness to Strangers - PDF Only




August 2011


Shedd Aquarium uses law students to help with environmental efforts, Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, Vol. 157 No. 163 - PDF Only




Fall 2010


The Importance of Pro Bono Work in Professional Development, American Bar Association, Appellate Practice, Young Lawyers' Corner, Vol. 30 No. 1 - PDF Only




August 2010


One Firm Worldwide – Covering Pro Bono Globally, The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel - PDF Only




August 2010


Pro bono projects inspire workers, help nonprofits; Corporations don 'good citizen' hats during tough times, Chicago Tribune, On The Job




August 2009


Give Summer Associates Pro Bono Work to Tackle, Los Angeles Daily Journal, Reprinted and/or posted with the permission of Daily Journal Corp. (2009) - PDF Only




Summer 2009


The Importance of Pro Bono Work in Professional Development, Verdict: The Journal of the Trial Practice Committee of the American Bar Association, Vol. 23, No. 3 - PDF Only




November 2008 


Pro bono law can improve education, Legal Week, Legal Week article - PDF Only




Fall 2008


Legal Aid Board Member honored for pro bono service, The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland, poetic justice, vol. 5 issue 3 - PDF Only




August 2008


Destined To Be Pro Bono Partner: My Dream Job, The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, Vol. 16, No. 8 - PDF Only




October 2007


Protecting the Vulnerable While Nourishing the Lawyer's Soul, Pro Bono Week 2007




September 2005


Employment Lawyer Flies Aid to Hurricane Zone, Fulton County Daily Report,




August 2005


The Pro Bono Arena: Where A Lawyer’s Skills Can Mean The Difference Between Life And Death, The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel - PDF Only
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Amy Zywicki
Firmwide Pro Bono Facilitator