Pro Bono

Message from the Managing Partner

Steve Brogan

Jones Day has had a long history of pro bono work, public service and community involvement in all the locations in which we practice and we continue to increase year after year the pro bono legal services we provide to those in need. You will see within this year's annual report more examples of this tradition of giving back to the community. All offices of the Firm now have a partner in charge of pro bono to further develop the reach of our pro bono program and to fulfill our commitments in all our locations. Our work has ranged from complex litigations with broad precedential impact to representations in local courts and administrative tribunals that are vital to so many needy individuals. Among our most important recent efforts has been litigation on behalf of clients who have unfairly become caught up in the "war on terror." These cases raise compelling issues about the balance between protecting our most basic constitutional principles and the executive branch's authority to declare and take unilateral action against claimed threats to our national security.

As we look to the future, we must see and respond to the new demands for service that will be presented by an increasingly integrated world. The process of globalization is transforming not only the world’s economy but the legal world as well. In fact, it is the single most important development in the practice of law in generations. But if globalization is to be the force for human development that we all hope it will be, the advancement of the rule of law must be at the center of that process.

Many of our legal institutions play a critical role not only protecting economic transactions but also ensuring that the costs and benefits of globalization are more equitably distributed. Although emerging markets are creating enormous new wealth, we have to recognize that only a small segment of the world's population is currently benefiting from globalization. The poor are becoming more numerous not only in underdeveloped countries but also in developed nations as people are displaced by the effects of globalization. This is true even in more mature economies, including in the Midwest of the United States, where our good fortune has its roots.

Jones Day has been at the forefront of the process of globalization and we have benefited enormously from the capital flows that it is creating. The opportunities ahead for the Firm around the globe are extremely exciting, both professionally and financially. But with privilege comes responsibility, and those responsibilities have now acquired a worldwide dimension. In a Firm governed by a commitment to teamwork and the advancement of institutional achievements, a mission of broad and deep service to all of the communities in which we practice -- including a focus on the authentic advancement of the rule of law -- is an essential part of our commitment to the profession and to law. The institutional opportunity and responsibility of the Firm are as critical to our character as are the professional achievements on behalf of paying clients that give us our financial strength. I hope that, as our global reach extends further and deeper, each lawyer will look for new and creative ways to increase our contribution to serving and improving all of the communities that are now being so good to the Firm.
Firmwide Head of Pro Bono
Amy Zywicki
Firmwide Pro Bono Facilitator