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Day of Service, a Jones Day community service event, is spreading among our offices across the globe. Thus far, almost half of our offices have hosted a Day of Service in 2012. Below are descriptions and photos of each of those days. In addition, Dallas, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Paris, and Saudi Arabia are planning their Days of Service for later this year. This represents a significant growth over the eight offices that undertook Days of Service in 2011. Jones Day's goal is to expand the Day of Service to every office with each office selecting a project appropriate for the office and their community. 

The Atlanta Office’s inaugural Day of Service was November 27, 2012. Twenty-four lawyers and staffed volunteered at the Atlanta Community Food Bank and packed more than 12,000 pounds of food (enough to feed 8,073 individuals) that will be distributed to the Food Bank’s partner agencies serving hungry families in metro Atlanta. In connection with the Day of Service, the Atlanta office also held a food and fund drive for the Food Bank that collected 531 pounds of donated food and household goods. Staff, lawyer, and Firm contributions to the fund drive raised $3,500. And, in lieu of sending holiday cards this year, the Atlanta Office contributed an additional $3,000 to the Food Bank, for a total donation of $6,500. The Food Bank distributes over 35 million pounds of grocery products a year to hundreds of nonprofit partner agencies serving 29 metro Atlanta and north Georgia counties. For every dollar that the Food Bank receives, it is able to provide $8.47 worth of groceries.
Jones Day Beijing Day of Service   Beijing
On Sunday, September 16, 2012, 43 Jones Day Beijing lawyers, staff, interns, family members, and friends participated in the Day of Service Project at Beijing Sun Village Children’s Education Consultancy (“Sun Village”). We helped plant strawberries in one greenhouse and spent time learning about the programs that Sun Village operates and supports. We also spent time with some of the children and enjoyed a lunch prepared by the children. Sun Village is China’s first non-governmental organization that provides care and education for children of convicts. It has been the home to 5,000 children in the last 18 years. In order to pay for itself (as it gets no government funding), Sun Village runs several small businesses including growing and selling strawberries, flowers, vegetables etc., as well as hand crafts made by the children.
On Saturday, June 23, 2012, the Jones Day Boston team gathered for the second year in a row at Mission Grammar School in the Mission Hill area of Boston.  Mission Grammar was founded in 1889 (four years before Blandin & Rice, the firm to which Jones Day traces its roots).  Classrooms were completely emptied, materials were relocated, classrooms were then re-filled.  By noon, much had been accomplished, having had a great time for a great cause.
Jones Day Chicago Day of Service   ​​Chicago
The Chicago Office held two events this year.  The first Day of Service was on June 9, working with Chicago Cares’ Serv-a-thon at Darwin Elementary School.  The Jones Day team painted three classrooms and the Jones Day/Enterprise Rental Car team painted a total of 11 classrooms.  The second event took place on Saturday, July 7, 2012, when over 50 volunteers participated in the Firm's Day of Service at the Mentor Teacher Brother (“MTB”) Center.  MTB is a mentorship program that works with boys who reside in some of Chicago’s most notoriously violent neighborhoods.
Jones Day Cleveland Day of Service   Cleveland
On Tuesday, June 26, 31 Jones Day Cleveland lawyers, staff, summer associates, and family members participated in the Day of Service project at the Cleveland Foodbank.  Upon arriving, the volunteers were introduced to the powerful message of the Cleveland Foodbank in a welcome video that highlighted the impact of hunger in the community and the importance of their mission to work together to ensure that everyone has nutritious food every day.  Following the video, groups were separated into sorting and repacking.  Hundreds of pounds of food donations arrive at the Cleveland Foodbank on a daily basis.
Jones Day Columbus Day of Service   Columbus
On Saturday, June 9, 2012, Columbus Office volunteers participated in its inaugural Day of Service project, partnering with the Gladden Community House, a settlement house offering a broad range of neighborhood-based social services to youth, individuals, and families.  Sixty-two individuals, including Jones Day Columbus attorneys, summer associates, staff, family members, and friends restored two youth ball fields and assisted in the installation of the largest gravity-operated irrigation system in the U.S.
Jones Day Dubai  
On Saturday, September 1, 2012, 20 Jones Day Dubai lawyers, staff, family members and friends participated in the Day of Service for the Angel Appeal launched by the Mission to Seafarers in Dubai 2006.  The Angel Appeal is a Dubai based charity that supports seafarers visiting ports in the United Arab Emirates. Many of the seafarers served by the Flying Angel remain on board their ships for months on end, without the modes of communication, basic facilities or toiletries that we take for granted.  As a result, it is common for seafarers to go through long periods of isolation and loneliness, unable to communicate with family and friends at home.  The Jones Day of Service for the Angel Appeal involved wrapping 750 gifts and distributing them to seafarers at a port near Dubai.  Each gift contained basic toiletries wrapped in a t-shirt.  The wrapping was completed during the morning and in the afternoon, the gifts were distributed along the quay side at the port in the late summer sun. The gifts were very gratefully received, with some seafarers even adopting elaborate disguises to obtain more than one package!  As an inaugural Day of Service for Dubai, it was a great success and the launch of many similar initiatives in the future.
Jones Day Hong Kong Day of Service   Hong Kong
On Thursday 30 August 2012, lawyers from the Jones Day Hong Kong Office took a group of children from the Changing Young Lives Foundation ("CYLF") to Ma Wan Park, Hong Kong to spend the day outdoors in the sunshine for our first day of service. CYLF is a charity dedicated to supporting and empowering young children from underprivileged families in Hong Kong and the Mainland through education, development, health, participation, and protection programmes. We all had a great day running around with the kids: getting lost on a orienteering course, slipping on climbing ropes, laughing under a flying parachute, and sweating under the sun. From the sound of contagious giggling, the cheeky smiles, and the endless energy, we gather the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves...and so did we.
Jones Day Houston Day of Service   Houston
Seventy-three volunteers from the Houston Office of Jones Day descended on Hermann Park on September 8, 2012 for a long Day of Service devoted to planting, mulching, and watering 150 dwarf palmettos. "The Jones Day, Day of Service is a Firmwide tradition of investing sweat equity in the communities in which we live and work," said Nancy MacKimm, Partner-in-Charge of the Houston Office. "We always manage to have a little fun, too. This year we broke up the day with a nice family-style picnic." Jones Day partnered in the project with the Hermann Park Conservancy, a citizens group dedicated to the stewardship and improvement of one of Houston's most popular and historically significant public green spaces.
Jones Day Irvine Pro Bono Day of Service   Irvine
The Irvine Day of Service was a huge hit.  The office had over 35 attorneys, staff, and family come out on Saturday, June 23 to revitalize the preschool playground of the Boys and Girls Club of Garden Grove.  They painted the Club’s play sets, walls, and gates; replenished their sand box; built benches for a reading area; installed artificial turf; and filled their planters with flowers.  They also ran a book drive for the Boys and Girls Club of Garden Grove that brought in over four boxes of books.
On Saturday 27 October 2012, 20 volunteers from Jones Day's London office braved the cold temperatures and rain for the inaugural London Jones Day of Service. The team rejuvenated the entrance of a North London community center, used by the surrounding estate, which includes sheltered accommodation for the elderly and local authority housing. The Jones Day team built and filled raised flower beds, planted a variety of fruit trees and created a number of hanging baskets to improve the outside of this important focal point for the local community. Teamwork and numerous cups of tea kept spirits up, and the obvious appreciation of the centre managers made the day incredibly worthwhile. Sebastian Orton, London's pro-bono partner, said of the day: "It turned out to be a real success and I think we made a real difference. So many memories and highlights crammed into one day!"
During Madrid's Day of Service, nine volunteers from the Madrid office took part in a volunteer project in the countryside, some 50 kilometers from Madrid, with Fundación Gaia, a foundation which helps protect areas of outstanding natural beauty in Spain. In October, the team worked alongside 100 other volunteers from 10 other companies in Madrid, to reconstruct a footpath and help clear debris to allow the natural habitat to fl
Jones Day Mexico City Day of Service   Mexico City
On August 18, 2012, more than 20 Jones Day volunteers arrived at Ciudad Vicentina, an organization, that, since its founding, has sought to offer Iztapalapan children and youth a place of solace and learning. Concentrating on improving the library, the volunteers brought with them donated books, disassembled furniture, and painting supplies. The previous library had insufficient and defective lighting, a woefully inadequate selection of books, and bookcases that, while they had been sturdy in the 1970s, were now rusting at the bottom. After tasks were assigned, everybody got straight to their chores. With the support of Jones Day, the preschool children of Ciudad Vicentina now have an environment in which to learn how to read that is well-lit, cheerful, and includes carefully selected material. We are confident that this is in continuance with the spirit of Ciudad Vicentina and furthers Jones Day's calling as a global, diverse, and socially responsible Firm.

Milan’s very successful inaugural Day of Service was held on November 24 and 25, when about 30 lawyers, staff and family congregated for two whole days in 20 squares throughout the city together with other volunteers, selling apples and raising awareness for Do&Ma ("Woman and Mother"). Do&Ma is a non-profit association founded in 1893 whose aim is to assist women and their little children with various life issues, including providing housing and medical and psychological care when Do&Ma is assigned with their custody by the Court of Minors. In 2012, Do&Ma launched "GreenLab", a professional training course to teach cultivation techniques to their resident mothers and to other people with social hardships. It is hoped that new motivations and the acquired skills will help these individuals reintegrate better into society. The funds raised this year for GreenLab Do&Ma will be used to create the botanical garden and in planting fruit trees, vegetables and medicinal herbs at Do&Ma facility next year. Jones Day Milan has begun their planning to be a part of that initiative during their second annual Day of Service.
Jones Day New York Day of Service   New York
On Saturday, June 9, the New York Office of Jones Day sponsored a Day of Service for the local community.  They had a group of 25 volunteers, comprised of attorneys, summer associates, and staff.  The task was to clean, scrape, and paint two stairwells at the Clemente Soto Veléz Cultural and Educational Center (CSV) in lower Manhattan.
Jones Day Pittsburgh Day of Service   Pittsburgh
The Pittsburgh Office spent their Day of Service supporting Project C.H.U.C.K. through the Best of the Batch Foundation.  The Best of the Batch Foundation was founded by Pittsburgh Steeler Charlie Batch.  A crew of volunteers worked in the morning cleaning up the playground by pulling weeds, picking up trash, planting flowers, and painting.  In the evening, volunteers spent their time refereeing the games, keeping score, and handing out drinks and snacks to the players.  Additionally, the players are required to spend one hour in "study hall" prior to their game.  Volunteers worked in the study halls helping the kids with their reading and projects.
Jones Day San Diego Day of Service   San Diego
On July 30, 2012, the San Diego Office served dinner to the students and their families at the Monarch School. Located near downtown San Diego, the Monarch School's mission is to provide an academic and supportive environment in which any student in San Diego County who is impacted by homelessness will receive a rigorous education and grow personally to become a highly motivated, contributing member of society.

Sixteen lawyers, staff and Summer Associates teamed up to serve Greek food and desserts to over 80 students and their families. Other members of the Office who could not attend the event contributed by baking desserts. The students of all ages were a joy, and everyone was incredibly appreciative of the efforts of our Office.
Jones Day San Francisco Pro Bono Day of Service   San Francisco
On Saturday, June 9, a group of 25 Jones Day lawyers, staff, family, and friends worked with the San Francisco Department of Public Works to clean and beautify areas within the Glen Park, Castro, and Mission neighborhoods of the City.  The group worked in the Mission district, weeding, sprucing up, and providing new ground cover to the trees along South Van Ness Avenue from 21st to 24th Streets.  The office reported that the weather was beautiful, the teamwork and company inspiring, and the tasks they completed made a visible difference to the City's landscape.
Jones Day Silicon Valley Day of Service   Silicon Valley
It was a picture perfect day when 42 Jones Day attorneys, staff members, and their family members joined together to paint weather-worn buildings and tables at the Marine Science Institute in Redwood City.  With paintbrush and sandpaper in hand, and green T-shirts to show our camaraderie, great fun was had by all at the first Silicon Valley Day of Service on Saturday, July 14, 2012.
Jones Day Washington Day of Service   Washington
June 23 marked the Washington Office’s 7th annual Day of Service.  Partnering with the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless, over 80 volunteers spent Saturday morning fixing up the women's Open Door homeless shelter right around the corner from the office. The cafeteria team performed some TLC to the tables and chairs, fixed holes in the walls where rats had dug through, installed a chair rail, painted walls, and fixed up a counter top that had been wallpapered years ago.  Another team worked in the TV room, refinishing furniture, cleaning cushions, painting walls, and setting up newly assembled shelving for books and DVDs.  The clothing team worked in two clothing rooms, organizing clothes and shoes, and setting up shelving to hold donated items for the residents.  The curtain team washed windows, replaced 29 pairs of curtains, and repaired/replaced bad curtain rods.  IKEA furniture, including a bench, bookcase, DVD tower, and a three drawer dresser were assembled by the furniture team.  And finally, the landscaping team edged the sidewalk, installed borders around the beds, dug up dirt and dead grass, planted a tree, mulched, and planted liriope, a ground cover.  One local homeless gentleman who had landscaping expertise jumped right in and helped out - and taught craps lessons along the way!  Two volunteers braved a new world in the day care center.
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