Michigan inmate wins release after 17 years' imprisonment
Jones Day successfully represented Hattie Mae Tanner—who had spent 17 years in prison—in habeas corpus proceedings before the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. The Court's judgment requires her unconditional release from supervision.

A jury convicted Ms. Tanner of murder in 2000. Years later, she unsuccessfully filed a pro se motion for post-conviction relief, arguing that the evidence was insufficient to sustain her conviction. After this initial defeat, Jones Day took up Ms. Tanner's case, representing her on appeal to the Sixth Circuit. And it did so successfully: a few months after briefing and argument by Jones Day lawyers, a unanimous Sixth Circuit panel determined that the evidence of Ms. Tanner's guilt was insufficient to sustain her conviction. It thus reversed the lower court's contrary decision, instructing it to enter a writ of habeas corpus and to order Ms. Tanner's unconditional release from state supervision.

Ms. Tanner's case is the latest example of Jones Day's commitment to vigorously advocating on behalf of, and winning relief for, its pro bono clients.
Hattie Tanner v. Joan Yukins, Case No. 15-1691 (6th Cir. Aug. 15, 2017)
Firmwide Head of Pro Bono
Amy Zywicki
Firmwide Pro Bono Facilitator